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Itsy Bitsy Tree House Daycare is a play-based facility with amenities and services in a warm and caring environment. We understand that choosing the right center to fit a child’s need is a very important decision thus we strive to constantly meet the expectation of every family we serve.

Our daily activities are carefully planned and well thought out. We approach each day with a sense of imagination, innovation, and fun to help young children learn through exploration confidently and comfortably. Our activities are carefully selected to induce a variety of interesting and inspiring activities that stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play. Since play and fun go hand-in-hand in the development of a child, we ensure that our children have fun while they learn through exploration and this is another way we make sure that children get the most out of their experiences in daycare.



At Itsy Bitsy Tree House Daycare, we believe that children learn by having fun exploring materials as well as their own environment, with guidance from supporting, respectful and nurturing adults. We focus on the individual needs of children, we value their differences, and we cultivate their sense of wonder through our interactions. Each day we provide meaningful learning experiences in areas of social emotional development, language/literacy, math, science, dramatic play, social studies, visual/performing arts, and gross motor and nutrition in engaging indoor and outdoor environments. We believe in learning  all of those things listed above through play and exploring. Some of the many weekly adventures the children love exploring and learning are the public parks through out the Bay Area, The Oakland Zoo and The Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. Let them be little and let's make learning and growing fun.

It is our goal that when the children leave us they leave with a lifelong love of learning, strong life skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with others. In this way, we prepare your child for school and a lifetime of learning.

  • We promote physical, emotional, social, linguistic and artistic development.

  • We provide an enriching environment, which allows each child to develop his or her sense of wonder and curiosity

  • Research shows that play is the most natural vehicle for childhood learning.


Monthly Field Trips

Advenentures of the Month

Every Month we go on weekly field trips. The following are the current month's daycare  adventures.

Itsy Bitsy Tree House Daycare has an annual membership for the Oakland Zoo. We have a zoo key and love listening and learning about all the animals we see. This

Educational Benefits of Visiting a Zoo

  • Enhanced Language Development.

  • Promotes Family Bonding.

  • Attend Special Events and Activities.

  • Encourages Environmental Awareness.

  • Offers Educational Programs.

  • Great Exercise.

  • Increase Academic Knowledge.

  • Get Hands-On.